A Picture Book A Day: Day 1 Summer Jackson Grown Up

Day 1 June 26th, 2012.

Our school year ended June 21st. My teaching post for the summer began this past week. My tutoring schedule is sporadic. My family is constant. My passion for picture books is daily. Thus, as a teacher and picture book connoisseur, who’s ego is not minoot, I think it only right commit to reading at least one picture book a day, this summer.  No vacation mode for me. Being a teacher of young minds is not my job; it is my passion.

I began this idea last week, with reading Summer Jackson: Grown Up by Teressa E. Harris. Illustrated by AG Ford


Then I forgot, about my commitment. Tsk Tsk. However, today, I am desiring nothing but to rest. I can only allow my self to rest during a beautiful, sunny, Saturday, if I can still find a way to make it productive. So with that mindset, I remembered my commitment to picture books! I am just about to sit down, and read my second picture book of the summer.  I have to keep the blog simple. Probably just title, author, illustrator, publisher, and method of purchase, and last but most importantly…would I keep the book in my classroom.  Summer Jackson, was a ‘yes’. Yes I will keep the book in my classroom for the kiddies to enjoy, even though I gave it only 3 out of 5 stars.

There is nothing wrong with the book. I’m just slow to indulge my classroom environment with books that promote a “standard”  view of the nuclear family life. Because I have such an eclectic student body, I don’t feed them a standard norm of which they should aspire to fit into. That’s not how I educate. That’s not how I promote resiliency in the hearts of my students. So, Summer Jackson is a story book that I would most likely keep on the shelves or Lending Library, but not as a whole class read aloud.  I do absolutely, however, appreciate Teressa E. Harris, and A.G. Ford for creating a picture book that children, who come from a two-parent, hetero, economically stable, household, can enjoy in it’s entirety.

Purchased at my favorite bookstore in the entire Greater Boston area: Frugal Books: A Multicultural Bookstore, in Roxbury, MA.

Thank you for reading.

– The Picture Book Pusher

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