A Picture Book A Day: Day 2: What Color is My World?

Day 2  June 30th, 2012.

Pre-read: What Color is My World by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Raymond Obstfeld. Illustrated by Ben Boos & A.G. Ford

Publisher: by Candlewick Press. 2012

Purchased: new at Frugal Books: A Multicultural Bookstore in Roxbury, MA. 02119. Teacher discounted price.

PictureBook Pusher: Haven’t read this book yet. I bought it about a month ago, but didn’t add it to the curriculum before the school year finished.

Pg2/Thought 1:
I love vocabulary that is explicitly illustrated. It contributes to the advancement of student comprehension in the immediate;  benefitting teachers, ELL learners, etc.   I wanted to see a nice big visual of “the top pocket of his bib overalls”. Too bad it wasn’t there.
Pg2/Thought 2:
Not ‘too bad’ at all actually. I now see the un-included visual of “bib overalls” as  a writing strength, not weakness. The sentence, “He pulled out a long, handwritten list from the top pocket of his bib overalls and handed it to Mama.”  creates a beautifully needed opportunity for discussion, and passing down of personal story. A child, in 2012, will most likely interject the read-aloud and ask, “what’s ‘bib overalls’?”, or other words to that effect; at which time the older reader will share their understanding of bib overalls – defining it will surely include a time from back in the day, when people used to say ‘bib overalls’, and have hand written notes.
Kareem and Raymond created a multi-dimensional historical picture book. It allows the readers of the story to pause and share their own histories, with whomever they’re reading it to.   This is book is alive.

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