A Picture Book A Day: Day 5 Museum Trip by Barbara Lehman

Day 5, July 6th

Museum Trip by Barbara Lehman.

Published: Houghton-Mifflin Co., Boston. 2006

Purchased: At More Than Words used bookstore in Waltham, MA. They have great prices, and teacher incentives. They really are more than a bookstore. Check them out at, http://www.mtwyouth.org

This is a marvelous picture book. No words, just illustrations. It is so engaging. The boy in the story visits a museum with his class, and he goes into a meditation maze that is an ancient artifact. This is my first time “reading” this story, and the cool thing is, is that the same maze was painted on the driveway of a family of a boy I just began tutoring this summer, a few days ago. Very cool.

I would keep this book in my classroom, available for the children to enjoy when they please.

The oooooooonly contradictory thing to this story is that it could second handedly inspire kids to NOT stay in one place if they get lost from their care taker. So I’ll just have to make sure that I thoroughly teach that safety rule to my students.


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