A Picture Book A Day: Day 6 Lil’ Man Makes a Name for Himself

LILMAN MAKES a NAME for HIMSELF by Caleb Neelon a.k.a Sonik
Published by Cantab publishing, Cambridge, MA. 2004
Purchased at: ?? I know that I got it at a second hand store. It was several  months ago. It was either the Goodwill on Melnea Cass in Boston, or Back Pages books in Waltham, MA., or Brookline Booksmith’s basement used book store (although I no longer shop at Brookline Booksmith because they are a HUGE supporter of the book Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes. Blech.)
Rating: 6 out of 5 stars. For it’s writing, ability to engage children, ability to ignite production and creativity in children, and for it’s illustrations. This is a definite favorite of mine.
This was not my first time reading this story. The first time I read it to my students was last month, during the last week of school.
I now know that this story will most definitely be part of my Fall curriculum beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, when we are building classroom community and learning about each other. This book is a must have, for elementary school teachers. It is all about self expression, and identity. The concept of the book is spot-on ingeniousness.  The protagonist, Lilman, doesn’t think his name looks right, it’s not ‘him’ enough. So he sets out to create his name the way it should look.  He then inspires all his school friends to become individuals and make a name for themselves too. The moral of the story is: You too can make a name for yourself.
This book is hard to find, but you can buy it straight from the author 1 of 2 ways: Either through his personal website (by emailing him and asking him to purchase a copy), or through his amazon.com account, you can get a signed copy. His amazon.com seller name is Calebfunk. The links are below:
Author Caleb Neelon is better known as SONIK. SONIK is an extremely successful street artist, with murals and projects on several continents. Check out a little bit of what he does here: http://calebneelon.com/projects/
Thanks for reading.
– The Picture Book Pusher

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