A Picture Book A Day: Day 7 Da Goodie Monsta

At night, it swooped down into the village where all the young brothers and all the young sisters lived. It entered the dreams of people who dare to dream and stood at the gateway to the sleeping mind like a sentinel and chased dem nightmares away.

Da Goodie Monsta by Robert Peters

Published by Wiggles Press. Cambridge, MA. 2009.


Purchased at: The Piano Factory. Boston, MA.

I had the serendipitous joy of purchasing a signed copy with a personal dedication to my first-grade class, from the author and illustrator himself, Robert Peters.  He was at a gallery event at The Piano Factory in Boston, MA. The event was a tribute to the late, and talented, Theresa-India Young.

Along with two of Theresa’s tassels being sold at the Young table, I bought Da Goodie Monsta and one of Robert Peter’s paintings at the Peter’s table. Mr. Peter’s also gave me a second painting. Yes. Gave. The painting was of a turtle – a symbol from the Wampanoag tribe, who live on Turtle Island.

This book is so engaging, and dream inspiring.  It is a read-aloud in my classroom, as well as being kept on the shelves for students to read at their leisure.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for reading.

– The Picture Book Pusher

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