New England Mobile Book Fair

My dear, long time, friend just had a baby girl. Tomorrow, I am going to meet Sarah for the first time. For a baby gift, I chose the best gift: books. I purchased 5 new board books, earlier today, from New England Mobile Book Fair in Newton, MA. They also have a clearance room with oodles of titles to choose from.

I would share the titles of the board books, I bought but I had the books wrapped at the store, so I can’t remember them now. Typical me. 🙂  Well, I remember one title: Please, Baby, Please by Spike and Tonya Lee. Illustrated by Kadir Nelson.


But wait….my story does not end here, of course I couldn’t help myself from purchasing books for my classroom. Don’t worry, I got them in the clearance room, so my wallet is still swollen.

I purchased:






Hardcover $8.98
So those are my purchases. Now, I must be honest. I am not a huge fan of New England Mobile Book Fair, other than their discount room.  I have never had a warm and fulfilling interaction with one of the staff. They usually have never heard of the titles that I ask about, yet they work at what some view as the Mecca of bookstores. Hmmph. My least favorite memory of New England Mobile Book Fair was when I asked if they carried Happy to Be Nappy by bell hooks.  At first, they hadn’t heard of it. Then when they looked it up in their system, they said that they do not carry it because it is offensive. After that comment I asked them if they also do not carry Country Bunny and the Little Golden Shoes because it is also offensive. They said, that of course they carry that beloved tale. Double hmmph!! Therefore, I have made a rule for myself. I will only purchase from their discount room, because those books are already priced out, and when I purchase them, the title does not register in their system. Does that make sense?
Thank you for reading The Picture Book Pusher. Now I must focus on watching this game –  USA women’s basketball team plays for the gold against France.

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