As educators, we work tow…

As educators, we work towards being masters of connections; connecting children to curriculum, connecting curriculum to culture. Our ability to successfully teach a child depends on our ability to connect with them. Now the start of a new school year, I meditate on this: For every aspect of a child that I don’t understand, can’t figure out, and get frustrated and fed up with, there is an equal aspect of myself that my students don’t understand. If I think a student is dishonest, then in their minds they see me as dishonest. If I think that a student doesn’t care about learning, they are thinking that I don’t care about teaching them. Trust: I must give it, to receive it. The child reflects the behaviors of their parent. Students reflect the behaviors of their teacher. If a student isn’t learning, it is because I am not teaching them – a dysfunctional teacher. Let’s keep it functional.

– The Picture Book Pusher

Students return to school tomorrow, in my district. I am in a different role than I was last school year. When speaking with my principal today, he said that I can teach well because I connect well with students. These thoughts are my contemplation on that conversation.

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