‘Skin Again’ by bell hooks is Hard to Come By

I’m about picture books that elicit mindfulness. Skin Again by bell hooks, illustrated by Chris Raschka, does just that.


That’s the good news.

The bad news is that Skin Again is no longer in print.  I just received my first-edition, hardcover, copy off of Amazon. It is technically used, but it’s in perfect condition.

You can find all about me/ coming close and letting go/

of who you might think/ I am/

before you come inside/

and let me be real and you become real/ to me.

– hooks. Skin Again. 2004.

Yeah. She’s that good. Everything that a picture book should, and can be – it’s all right here in Skin Again. Raschka’s illustrations are symbiotic with hook’s words. A child read aloud to, from this book, will be naturally, and sustainably engaged because the book offers an honest, mindful, and poetic perspective on physical differences and universal commonalities. Children are naturally attracted to truth.

Be with me inside the me of me, all made up of stories present, past, future/ some true to life and others all fun and fantasy, all the way I imagine me

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Skin Again by bell hooks. Illustrated by Chris Raschka.
Jump at the Sun books, an imprint of Hyperion Books for Children, an imprint of Disney.
New York 2004

Skin Again was published in 2004 originally for a small press named Jump at the Sun, which became an imprint of Hyperion Books for Children in New York, only to finally be absorbed by the Disney Co.  Jump at the Sun was a publishing press dedicated to producing afrocentric children’s literature.

“Jump at the Sun: Ten Years of Celebrating Black Culture for all Children” – Disney·Hyperion 2003

The above quote is the heading for Jump at the Sun’s website; a website that no longer exists. Below, is a silhouette of the original jumpatthesun website. It’s a snapshot of the original  site.  Check it out. http://www.leibowstudios.com/webdevelop/hyperion/jump/index.html#

Within the first pages of Skin Again, you can find the website: http://www.jumpatthesun.com . If you click on the link, it takes you straight to Disney’s children’s books’ website.

All of the beautifully published books, originally published for Jump at the Sun (over 200 titles), for Hyperion Books for Children, are in no way a part of Disney’s available books. They’re not mentioned anywhere. Hyperion Books for Children no longer exists either.

Web space regentrification at its finest. African American children’s literature is being regentrified. I see it more and more.

I suggest that you get your copy of Skin Again while you can.  I bought mine, in perfect condition,  for about $6.50 on Amazon. There are now new copies being sold for up to $120 online. Skin Again is still easier to acquire than some of hooks’ other titles.  All six of bell hooks’ children’s books were published through Jump at the Sun. All six are currently out of print.  I have them all except for  Be Love, Baby Love. It is impossible to come across. High or low. Online or on the street.  Oh, Disney.

Thanks for reading The Picture Book Pusher.

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Source: http://isbndb.com/d/book/skin_again.html

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