Fear & Opportunity: How education can respond to digital natives

Amazingly well written, highly insightful, and relevant article, about how we as teachers educate, or don’t educate, students on using technology to learn. – The Picture Book Pusher

Sullivan Leadership

Many teachers have a real fear that students in the classroom are more tech savvy and process information differently than the teacher. Flat out terrifying for many teachers. I get it, as a teacher you are the captain of the ship steering the ship through the treacherous waters of adolescence. The captain must be master of his/her domain. Technology represents a mild form of mutiny with its allure of distraction and dissidence. Here’s my question does a ship captain fear a crew member who has spent more time on a boat than the noble captain? – I don’t know, depends.

The Marc Prensky’s term digital native has become somewhat popular, speaking to the gap in society between those who grew up before the most recent boom in the availability of technology and those who grew up during. While the term speaks to the acquisition of knowledge as well as the mastery of technology, digital immigrants (most adults) tend to just focus on the…

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