1st Graders & The Civil Rights Movement 2.0

This video clip is from February, 2012.
One of my first graders asked me why there were no laws to protect black people back in the day, and thus our conversation on civil rights began. It’s a rough, unscripted clip, and you’ll notice that I affirm almost everything they say. When I reference “The past” before speaking about an ill truth in our society, it’s not because I am feeding my students the falsehood that ‘oppression’ and ‘hate’ are not still prevalent today. Those direct truths come towards the end of the school year, once I’ve built up their hearts and minds to be resilient. Truth can either free or oppress, depending on the development of the child. Mindful timing and scaffolding is vital. Also, the art of teaching is surely a process. I’ve only had one school year of practice in engaging students in this kind of dialogue, so please excuse the amateur discussion-guiding that I display. Their insightful responses trump my lack of flow anyways.

Thanks for watching The Picture Book Pusher


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