My College Students Act Like Third Graders

I did it. I started my second blog. Here’s my first post on, The Classroom Curator. I won’t be getting in the habit of reblogging my own posts; but this is the first post, so I wanted to give it a proper introduction.

The Classroom Curator

11:57 p.m.

It’s true. They act like third graders. I’m okay with that though, as long as they grow out of it by the time they enter college. Friday evenings usually provide me with a burst of classroom ideas. Don’t know why that is. Friday seems like the mostly likely time of the week, in which I’d be plum out of classroom inspiration. However, Fridays, post dusk, is when my creative gears spin. It may be due to the reflection that occurs during my Friday commute home. ‘Didn’t finish as much writing as I wanted them to. I yelled too much, today. Mondays I’m calm. Fridays I’m not. That’s not fair to them.’ Reflections like that, probably influence my Friday evening inspiration spurts.

Tonight’s spurt is this: Strunk and White’s Elements of Style in the classroom! That’s what we need. It can’t hurt to introduce it to third graders. My…

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