A Picture Book A Day: Day 9 The Adventures of Captain Remarkable Chapter 1

(Day 8 was just a tweet) That’ll happen more often now, for quickness and simplicity’s sake.

The Adventures of Captain Remarkable by Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe

Published by:  http://wigglespressbooks.com   Wiggles Press, Cambridge, MA.

Purchased at: @FrugalBookstore  Frugal Books, Boston, Roxbury, MA.

I am reading this chapter book, to some middle schoolers in our Extended School Year summer program. They are preferring it over the Boxcar Children series, just saying.  (sure hope their other teacher doesn’t read this. ) ;).

Thoughts: Yes, I would keep this book in my classroom – both, as a read-aloud, and as an independent choice.

What’s cool, is that I have the picture book version of this book as well. It’s packed away in my classroom. I’m not sure if the picture book/shortened version, is available for purchase anymore.


This is the cover of the chapter book, the version I am reading.

I can’t find a picture of the picture book version, on the net.

 You can view or purchase digital editions of other delightful modern children’s books by Boston author, Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe at:  www.rochelleonealthorpe.com

These are some of Rochelle’s other titles, all published by her publishing company, Wiggles Press


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p.s.  Yes, I am aware that I haven’t been blogging about every day’s picture book read, but that is because I simply haven’t been dedicating the 30 minutes to blogging, rather just using that time to reading the picture book instead. It is summer after all. 🙂 If you are one of those rare and fabulous people who is wondering what picture books I am reading on my non-blogging days, then just send me a tweet and ask me!