Hi, All. It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a ….post. Lots of half-posts in drafts. My creative process is deficit of attention, at times. I blame it on cool-experience-overload.

At least I'm organized

At least I’m organized

Let me tell you about KinderSteam though. It’s a blog I just became hip to today, after its founder, slash- friend of mine, slash colleague, called me today.

I’m not one to blast my friend’s blog in the good name of Friendship. No. I’ve observed in myself, the quality of being an objective admirer; while simultaneously having the privilege of just knowing really talented educators and artists.

KinderSteam just happens to be knee deep in enjoyable children’s books and leading edge science activities, for the K2 crowd. We all know I’m all about that; so.I especially enjoyed the post from April 12, 2015; a post highlighting the kindergarteners’ competition submission of their “biomimicry living lab.” What? Nice. Check it out.

Thanks for reading,

The Picture Book Pusher


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